Looking for better tasting water?
Is your health your most important concern?
Hoping your water will energize you?
Do you prefer water that is natural?
Is it important that your water be enriched with essential vitamins and minerals?
Looking for water that does not contain contaminants?
Would you like these qualities in the water flowing from every faucet in your home?
Our water is not only better for drinking but also, for cooking, bathing and watering your garden.
The Main Ingredient of Water
Water is your life-line on this earth.
Without it, no living thing can survive.
Our bodies are made up of approximately 70% water and our existence depends upon the availability of clean water.
The quality of our water directly reflects upon the quality of our lives.
Favorable Minerals and Enzymes for Our Health
The water we drink contains minerals and enzymes crucial to our health.
The water which enters our homes, businesses, offices, industries and more, reach us, as a rule, replete with many chemicals and industrial contaminants, thereby preventing the favorable elements naturally found in water to be absorbed by our bodies.
This occurs despite all the additives such as chlorides and fluorides, that are introduced into our water systems in order to prevent bacterial and microorganism growth.
At the same time, these additives do not prevent increase of mercury, nickel cadmium, petroleum and insecticide build-up which disturb the natural energy that water is meant to provide.
Our Bodies Reject Tap Water
Microscopically, water molecules appear round and closed. This forces our bodies to reject the essential vitamins and minerals that water carries.
In an extensive research study, engineer, Mr. Mastrid Shauberger, discovered that rapidly spinning water will split open the molecules allowing our bodies to absorb all that is good in water and reject all that is not.
The human body is a fantastic machine; very complicated and very advanced. It functions better than the best computers in the world. It can absorb all of the positive and reject all the negative provided we ingest that which our bodies have ingested before.
Our bodies are pre-programmed and therefore do not handle change well. (Ex. Chlorinated and fluoridated water)
We are then, unable to unable to reject the unhealthy components of the water and distinguish them from the healthful. As a result, man suffers from a multitude of diseases that were virtually unknown in the past.
The process developed by Mr Shauberger resolves this problem and allows our bodies to differentiate between the good and the bad, absorbing only the positive.
Our bodies, then, regain their health, our immune system is strengthened and our overall feeling changes for the better.
The Solution
Developed in Austria, the "Mayim Hayim 8" system, was Invented by research engineer Peter Olfas.
It is a small device which connects to the main waterB pipe of your home.
Water is spun 14 times and thus, all the water that reaches your faucets contains only essential vitamins and minerals.
This clean water aids in curing dermatological and intestinal maladies and mineral deficiencies in our bodies.
The water is very soft, pleasant tasting and gratifying to drink.
From all of the faucets in your home will flow healthy, delicious, vitamin and mineral-rich energizing water. Since all of our faucets are connected, we can have total absorption of all the good without the bad.
Fertility Problems
The world is replete with men and women who suffer from sexual dysfunction resulting in a global increase in infertility. This is a direct result of modern life in which we breathe, eat and drink many contaminants.
"Mayin Hayim 8" restores the "life" to our water with the essential vitamins and minerals our bodies crave. Many people report an increase in sexual function and fertility after switching to "Mayim Hayim 8."

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