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What is b poisonous, available in every home, and is consumed by our bodies every day?
The answer is right under our noses: water, or to be specific, the tap water we use for drinking, cooking and bathing.

3 important facts about water:
The human body is made up mostly of water (about 70 %!)
Pure water is as vital to your health as the air you breathe
Tap water is comprised of tens of toxins with which our bodies are not equipped to process; among them: chlorine, mercury, and pesticides. As a result, our bodies reject the tap water that we consume.
Most of us are aware of these facts, but, in the worst case we choose to ignore them. In the best case, we spend thousands of shekel a year on water purifying equipment such as disposable filters, mini-bars or the use of bottled water.
What if you were able to change your ordinary, unhealthy tap waterB into tasty water that is pure and toxin-free b just as nature intended it to be; water that will fill you with energy, health and nourishment?
There is such a product and it is called bMayim Haim 8.b
Mayim Haim 8 is a newly engineered product that is installed directly on to your main water pipe, outside of your house that will provideB clean water to all of your faucets. The product was developed in Austria and is produced in Israel in accordance with the original formula and meets all laboratory standards of Bactochem Ltd./Ministry of Health.

The principle of this revolutionary new product is simple:
By use of centrifugal force the product pulls apart the water molecules passing through and separates the pure water from the toxins. Consequently, our bodies can easily reject the toxins and absorb all the healthful, energizing pure natural water.
(And similar to the blood tests that we do, the test tube into which our blood is collected is brought to the laboratories of the health funds to a centrifugal device where the blood goes through a short spin. After a day or two we receive a detailed report of 20-30 items that are found in the blood) the separation carried out by the water purifier is done exactly like this.
This device need be installed only one time, does not need maintenance, is durable for a minimum of 20 years and is covered by a 10 year warranty.

What are the advantages?
Enjoyment with every sip:B extremely tasty water that you simply do not want to stop drinking
Toxinbfree:B B soft water, free of toxic minerals making your cooking and drinking water better tasting
Great showers: soft water that will make your bathing especially pleasurable
Passion:B return of energy to your thirsty body which will bring more passion to your life
A shot of vitamins and minerals:B absorption of positive vitamins and minerals present in pure water which directly affect better digestion, aid skin conditions, strengthen your immune system and provide an overall healthier feeling.
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