Blood Red Cell Test -B An amazing positive change in your red blood cell count.

Exclusive Purified Water from the Mayim Chayim 8 (Living Water) Company

An amazing positive change in your red blood cell count

Scientific research carried out at an Arizona University laboratory discovered that when red blood cells are separated from one another, the quality of the red blood cells rises and the cells are charged with especially high energy and are enriched with liquid oxygen which are both very important to our cells.

This important factor enables the important minerals in our water to be absorbed by the cells, facilitating the cure of many diseases and body problem issues.

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The pictures below show the microscopic versions of water samples taken from four different sources of water–tap water, two different types of mineral water and water purified through the Mayim Chayim 8 system.

In the tap water sample, the cells can be seen connected to each other. In addition, there are a significant amount of pollutants in the water.

In the first mineral water sample, we can see that the red blood cells are chained to each other.

In the second mineral water sample, the red blood cells are chained to each other as well.

It is only in the Mayim Chayim 8 system that we can see a clear separation of red blood cells, a significant change for all of our bodies.



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